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Rec’d complete…all in white ! Great !!....Attaching a “gift” from the Chicago Housewares Show. The Collection was one of the highlights of the entire Fair !!.It had featured space as you entered the booth. You should feel extremely proud of the FANTASTIC job you did in keeping this altogether and keeping those vendors on time ....we made a great imperession .

FANTASTIC job you did … keeping those vendors on time.

( Major Tableware Brand )

I wanted to follow up with you and express my utmost appreciation for the service and the quality product you all were able to produce and deliver. It really looks incredible and I am very pleased. Again...thank you for your all your efforts, diligence and hands on experience you and your team provided for us.

Appreciation For The Service And The Quality Product

( Product Design & Marketing Company )

Rec’d…all In all. They are approved. Great job.....You have done an absolutely outstanding job in pulling this all together in such an impossibly tight window. Thank you.

Absolutely Outstanding Job

( Foodservice Products Manufacturer & Wholesaler )

"The Source Team exhibited a strong performance in 2016 with a product defect rate of 0.01% versus the overall supplier average of 1.19%. In addition, field failures, product defects, corrective action, days to closure & cost change were all also excellent"

Supplier Score Card Success

( Industrial Machine Company )

"'s been incredible to watch your team over in Xiamen step up their game and really excel...these last 12-15 months."

Incredible Team in China

( Fitness & Performance Products Brand )

"The return rate of 2.56% is by far the best we have had with this item. This is what I wanted to see when we decided to hire Source International."

Best Return Rate We Have Ever Had

( Gardening and Housewares Retailer Client )

"Again, I’ve been very impressed with all that you as a company have done for this order. It has been top notch the whole way and such a MAJOR improvement from dealing direct with the manufacturer. I wouldn’t do it any other way in the future!"

Such a MAJOR Improvement from Dealing Direct with Manufacturer

( Home Interior Products Retailer Client )

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What's Happening In Asian Manufacturing


There were no clear commodity price trends in the first quarter with some raw materials in Asia going down in price while some continuing on their upward price trend begun in the fourth quarter of 2016. Many grades of plastics, rubber, steel, paper and ceramic raw materials went down in price while aluminum, other industrial metals, and glass raw materials mostly rose in price. Wood and textiles prices meanwhile remained mostly flat. Petroleum and fuel prices backed off their sharp 2016 increases and labor rates inched up in the lower wage counties. The US Dollar lost a little bit of ground against most of the Asian currencies in Q1 while ocean freight rates showed little change. China imports and exports both saw significant decreases in the quarter and the China PPI was up slightly while the China CPI was down. One very bullish sign is that all the PMI indexes saw steady improvement in Q1, remaining above 50 and signaling an expanding economy. Below is a chart of the general trends and for all the details, please see the entire report.

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Source Direct


Source Direct ASD – Sourcing Seminars. Please join Source International Managing Partner & COO, Mr. Jim Ullum at the Source Direct Show at ASD taking place March 19-22 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. At SourceDirect ASD Market Week, importers, distributors, wholesalers, sourcing professionals and volume buyers can source products directly from factories around the world.

Located within the ASD Market Week show, there is no better place to source an array of product mixes; from gift and home accents, to fashion accessories and the latest electronic accessories, Source Direct is the destination for all things sourcing. So come see all the factory direct suppliers and interest with industry professional to learn some inside tips and best practices. Access the entire post for all the details and links to the session schedules. All sessions are free and open to qualified buyers! COME JOIN THE FUN.

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It had to come eventually and the fourth quarter of 2016 certainly took the year out with a bang! Practically all raw materials tracked were on the rise with many showing the most significant increases in several years. Plastics, rubber, steel, brass, copper, nickel, corrugated paper, textiles, and ceramics prices were all up sharply (more than 10%), while wood and a few grades of aluminum, textiles were up only moderately (less than 10%). A few grades of aluminum, paper and ceramic/glass materials actually went down in price but they were few and far between. Petroleum products and fuels all rose sharply while labor rates were unchanged. The US Dollar was especially strong and appreciated against all of the Asian currencies. China imports and exports saw strong gains in the quarter and the China PPI and CPI were both up. And, lastly, all of the PMI indexes showed strength remaining well above 50 signaling an expanding economy in both Asia and the USA. For all the details, please see the complete report, which follows.

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