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Manufacturing Myanmar

Manufacturing Trends in Myanmar

As labor and other related manufacturing costs continue to rise in traditional Asian production powerhouses such as China, many firms are looking for new ways to reduce overhead and increase their bottom line. Relocation to Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand has been happening for quite some time; however, until now, Myanmar has yet to gain a similar amount of FDI from such projects although it is currently gaining steam on such fronts.

If your firm is currently exploring manufacturing options in Southeast Asia, Source International’s experienced, highly qualified team of sourcing, product engineering, quality control, and supply chain specialists can help. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you focus on what counts most: Increasing your bottom line.

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Asia Cost Drivers May

Asia Manufacturing Cost Drivers – 5/16

With the exception of some types of Plastics, Cotton, and Diesel Fuel, May saw a drop in raw materials and commodities prices across the board. The Steel industry saw the biggest decreases in overall price, many times coming close to a 20% percent drop in prices from April. Tire Rubber also saw a fairly significant reduction in price month on month realizing an almost 14% percent drop. Wood, Paper, and Ceramics prices continued to hold steady for the most part. Bucking a twelve month trend of gaining value over the Euro, the RMB lost a little more than 1% against the Euro this month. While Chinese exports were up an impressive 7%, total imports fell nearly 3%. For further details, please check out the entire report that follows.

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Asia Manufacturing Cost Drivers - April 2016

Asia Manufacturing Cost Drivers – 4/16

Most Asian raw materials and commodities were on the rise in April with some exceptions in plastics, wood, paper, textiles, and ceramics. Steel saw sharp increases across the board including carbon and stainless grades. Rubber prices, except for latex, also saw dramatic surges. Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, and Nickel prices were also up, however, wood and paper remained flat.
General and engineering grade plastics were generally marked by a downward trend in pricing, while textiles and ceramics mainly remained flat except for slight increases in cotton and alumina. China imports and exports saw large gains last month and the China PPI and CPI were both up slightly. For further details, please check out the entire report that follows.

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