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Our Contract Supply Management (CSM) business model is designed to give your company complete transparency along with all of the benefits of having your own staff of people advocating for your interests. We know transparency and control are important to you in your offshore supply management efforts. You’ll get the access you need without the headaches of travel, time zone differences, and language barriers. We are your boots-on-the-ground—a team of qualified and trained bilingual staff to act in your interests and your interests only. In addition, the industry leading Source International SIS portal offers you 24/7, real-time access to quotes, orders, quality, logistics, and all other details of your global manufacturing operations from anywhere in the world.

source international supply management product team meeting

Product Team Meeting

Skilled Supply Management Professionals Using A Proven Process

With a full time office and staff in China since 1995, you benefit from experienced, highly-skilled Source International team members. Our certified purchasing professionals, expert merchandisers, engineers, and quality-assurance professionals have intimate product knowledge and are continually trained in our supply management process. We know supply management and we know Asia, so from day one your offshore supply program can be jump-started with all of our experience, expertise, and best practices.

Multiple supplier awards, Six Sigma Black Belt certifications, supply industry designations, and ongoing customer successes reinforce the value of a Source International partnership. You can expect a process that is consistent and universal to all products we manage or supply for you. Whether a simple or highly technical product, our process is the same.

Contact us for more information on how we can add value to your offshore supply chain. We welcome you to visit one of our offices to learn firsthand about the scope of our operations.

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Product Inspection

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Product Inspection


Who We Are

Source International has operational offices in Louisville, Kentucky & Xiamen, China. Our passion is to partner with companies in supply management from Asia. We have a 25 year on-the-ground track record, a rigorous operating procedure, and a very well trained local staff. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can add value to your supply chain in Asia and invite you to visit our offices to understand better our procedures & the scale of our operations.