Three Tips For Ensuring Quality At Outsourced Suppliers

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APICS 2018

Three Tips For Ensuring Quality At Outsourced Suppliers


APICS 2018 – Three Tips For Ensuring Quality At Outsourced Suppliers

Thanks to everyone who attended “Three Tips For Ensuring Quality At Outsourced Suppliers” at the 2018 APICS conference in Chicago October 2nd. The topic drew a great crowd with lots of good input and questions from the attendees. 

Ensuring quality At Outsourced Suppliers

EXCERPT: Manufacturing your company’s products at outsourced suppliers, whether onshore or offshore, isn’t just about lowering costs. Managing the quality of output among your outsourced suppliers is critical and can greatly impact your bottom line, your operational efficiencies, and your organization’s credibility. This session presents an aggressive, comprehensive three-step program to accurately assess the level of quality risk at an outsourced supplier; create effective, quality documentation that will ensure expectations are met on both sides; and to set up metrics that will measure supplier performance and provide a benchmarking system to gauge future improvement. By employing these three steps in a comprehensive and integrated program, your organization can effectively ensure the quality among your network of outsourced suppliers.

A copy of the presentation is available for download HERE.  Please feel free to share it. A lot is happening at APICS as they transition into life as ASCM.  FYI, the 2019 conference is scheduled to be in Las Vegas….hope to see you there!

And, please contact us for more information and to set up a meeting with us to learn how Source International’s supply programs can add value to your outsourcing efforts.

Also, please note that we’ll be presenting again at FABTECH in Atlanta on Thursday, November 8, 2018 from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM on Smart Manufacturing: Product Development Process: Get to Market Faster. Hope to see you in Atlanta!  Register today using this 30% discount code and we look forward to seeing you at FABTECH 2018!


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Source International has operational offices in Louisville, Kentucky & Xiamen, China. Our passion is to partner with companies in supply management from Asia. We have a 25 year on-the-ground track record, a rigorous operating procedure, and a very well trained local staff. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can add value to your supply chain in Asia and invite you to visit our offices to understand better our procedures & the scale of our operations.