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Assembly – Subassembly

Assembly is a manufacturing process which consists of putting together all the component parts and subassemblies of any given product. Assembly – Subassembly generally includes various fastening techniques such as: riveting, screwdriving, adhesive application, soldering, and welding. In addition, it also consists of labeling, separation of good assemblies from bad assemblies, and packaging them for end use. Assembly – Subassembly can be an either manual or automated process depending on the specific needs of the end product. This method of manufacturing can also achieve high degrees of quality control as generally one person or a small group of people are responsible for one portion of the assembly.

Common Assembly Services include:

  • Wire harnessing
  • Program logic controllers
  • Electric control systems
  • Cable/Wire laying and connecting
  • Microchip placement
  • All sizes and types of motors
  • Panel Instruments
  • Motor control centers

Whether your Assembly needs are simple or complex, Source International can assist you with all your Assembly – Subassembly needs. Contact us today to find out how we can take the headaches of Assembly management away for good.




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June 15, 2016