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Nickel is a chemical element bearing the symbol Ni and an atomic number of 28. It has a silvery color with faint golden tinge and is hard and ductile. The use of Nickel has been traced back as far as 3500 BCE. Nowadays, products produced from this material play a major role in our everyday lives. This material is used for its relative toughness, strength at varying temperatures, resistance to corrosion, and various magnetic and electronic properties when compared to other metals.

Australia and New Caledonia are estimated to have about 45% of the world’s Nickel reserves when tallied together. The US Geological Survey reports the largest overall producers of the material worldwide are Russia, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Nickel is generally used in combination with other elements to form an alloy. Its uses range from batteries and coatings to medical equipment, power generation, construction materials, kitchen wares, and mobile phones. It is mainly used for the production of a type of stainless steel known as ferronickel.

Fun Fact: The material’s name comes from a sprite mentioned in German miner mythology.

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August 1, 2016