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Oak is a tree or shrub belonging to the genus Quercus and is a member of the beech family, Fagaceae. Native to Northern Hemisphere locales across the Americas, Asia, North Africa, and Europe, there exist about 600 species of Oak worldwide. The fruit of the Oak tree is known as an acorn and can be commercially used to produce acorn flour or acorn coffee.

Oak has a variety of commercial applications, but is mainly prized for its value in the furniture making and construction industries. The overall high density of the material gives it great hardness and strength, while, in addition, its high tannin content makes it quite resistant to fungal and insect attacks. American and French species of Oak are widely used in the production of barrels for the aging of beers, wines, and spirits. Japanese varieties are used in the production of Yamaha drum sets rather than traditionally used Maple and Birch as they feel it gives the drum kits a brighter and louder tone. Cork used to produce wine, beer, and spirit corks come from the bark of the cork Oak—much of the world’s supply of this particular species comes from the Mediterranean region.

Fun Fact: In Greek Mythology, the Oak tree is the tree sacred to Zeus, king of the Greek gods.

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August 2, 2016