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POM – Polyoxymethylene

POM – Polyoxymethylene is an engineering grade thermoplastic used in the manufacture of parts and components requiring high durability, low friction, and superior stability. This material is also known as polyformaldehyde, polyacetal, and acetal. As is the case with many plastics in use today, DuPont research chemists were the first to synthesize POM and subsequently applied for a patent in 1956. The special characteristics and main advantages of using POM – Polyoxymethylene are as follows: High heat resistance, low water absorption, good electrical properties,  and superior abrasion resistance.

POM can be machined be traditional methods such as turning and milling or injection-molded to manufacture various products. Some of the most ubiquitous uses of this material include:

  • Springs, chains, nuts, pump parts, valve bodies, and mechanical gears
  • Electrical applications such as insulators, connectors, and components in various electronic goods
  • Various applications in the manufacture of automobiles
  • Used in model railway parts and helicopters
  • Insulin pens
  • Handles, locks, and hinges used in furniture
  • Used in paintball accessory parts and air guns
  • Guitar picks, bagpipes, and the tips of some types of drum sticks
  • Used in the manufacture of e-cigarette (vaporizer) components

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