Absolutely Outstanding Job

“Received your samples.  They are approved.  Great job.  You have done an absolutely outstanding job in pulling this all together in such an impossibly tight time window. Thank you.” (Foodservice Products Manufacturer and Wholesaler)

Supplier Score Card Success

“The Source Team exhibited a strong performance in 2016 with a product defect rate of less than 0.01% versus the overall supplier average of 1.19%.  In addition, field failures, corrective actions, days to closure, and cost change metrics were also...

Incredible Team in China

“…its been incredible to watch your team over in Xiamen set up their game and really excel these last 12 to 15 months.” (Fitness and Performance Products Brand Manager)

Such a MAJOR Improvement from Dealing Direct with the Manufacturer

“Again, I’ve been very impressed with all that you as a company have done for this order.  It has been top notch the whole way and such a MAJOR improvement from having to deal directly with the manufacturer.  I wouldn’t do it any other way in the...

Appreciation for the Service and the Quality Product

“I wanted to followup with you and express my utmost appreciation for the service and the quality product you all were able to produce and deliver.  It really looks incredible and I am very pleased.  Again, thank you for all of your efforts, diligence and...