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CNC Machining Is One Of Our Core Capabilities

CNC Machining From Source International

With many years of experience using precision lathes, mills, drills, and saws, Source International has perfected CNC machining techniques to produce high-quality parts that meet the tightest specifications.  Our ISO 9001 certified facilities deliver a diverse set of parts varying in size, shape, and material for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, automotive, industrial machines, HVAC, and many others. Starting with your AutoCAD, IGES, PDF, or SolidWorks file, our expert team produces your custom parts with tight tolerances and that always meet your specifications.  Regardless of the complexity of your design, we’ll find the best way to meet your needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.
CNC machining using a milling machineCNC MILLING

Source CNC machining operations center around our 3-axis turning, 4-axis vertical and horizontal and 5-axis equipment. 5-axis machining is becoming more popular in recent years because it offers the option for single-step machining (reducing lead time), allows better access to part geometry, and improves the tool life and efficiency of the process by tilting the table for the ideal cutting position.

Our machining capabilities include:

  • Boring, drilling, and tapping
  • EDMs
  • Embroidery machines
  • Lathes and routing
  • Milling
  • Thread cutting and rolling
  • Sheet metal works
  • Tube, pipe and wire bending machines
  • Hot-wire foam cutters
  • Plasma cutters
  • Water jet cutters
  • Laser cutters
  • Surface grinder
  • Cylindrical grinders
  • CNC router

flat grinding of CNC machiningCNC FLAT GRINDING

closeup of CNC machiningCNC MACHINING

Our CNC machining process is suitable for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, glass, foam, and composites, and finds application in a variety of industries.

CNC is an acronym for “computer numerical control” combining multiple tools in a single manufacturing cell to integrate the work of a number of different machines in a series of steps needed to produce any part controlling multiple axis, normally at least two (X and Y), and a tool spindle that moves in the Z  axis.

cnc machining using a cnc latheCNC LATHING



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Whatever your procurement needs may be, Source International provides commodity and supply management expertise to allow you the most globally competitive prices combined with the best quality (always on-spec) and an on-time delivery record unmatched in the industry.

Send us an email to find out how we can add value to your global supply chain to save you time and money while increasing overall efficiency and product quality.

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