Asia Manufacturing Costs Rose Higher in the First Quarter of 2022

Manufacturing costs trended sharply upward in the first quarter of 2022. Most grades of Plastics, Steel, Alum, Metals, Wood, Textiles, Ceramics increased along with costs for Fuel, and Currency. Only Rubber and Paper decreased in the quarter along with Freight costs which declined 4.8% from elevated levels in most of 2021. The cost of Labor was flat in most Asian countries but rose sharply in

Precision Casting Parts

Casting was one of the first industrial manufacturing processes dating back at least 7,000 years to China, India, and Pakistan. Throughout history, the casting process has been used to make tools, weapons, works of art, and other parts. The modern casting process uses many different techniques and in all of them, liquid material is poured (or injected) into a hollow cavity of a

Happy New Year – Welcome the Tiger!

Source has the boots on the ground infrastructure to deliver exceptional contract manufacturing programs that are on-time, on-spec and on-budget. Our exceptional personnel and processes, and world class facilities give us the edge to stand out in the crowd. We’ve been here for over 35 years and will be here when you need us with a program of uncompromised quality and guaranteed satisfaction.

Asia Manufacturing Costs Moderated in Q4-2021

After a promising first half of the year, the second half of 2021 proved lackluster for Asia manufacturing. Costs in Q4, 2021 moderated on lower demand and work interruptions caused by COVID outbreaks. These factors coupled with shortages of key semiconductor chips and power restrictions in China led to a decline in production capacity utilization.

Precision Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum Extrusions are produced by a process by which heated aluminum alloy material is forced through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile. Aluminum extrusion parts are widely used construction, machineries, home appliance, etc. The aluminum extrusion process begins with the product design. The design of the product based on its intended use determines the production parameters. Questions regarding

Sheet Metal OEM Manufacturing


Our Customer, a leading machine tool builder in North America, has been producing various CNC lathes, mills, machining centers for decades. The company started growing rapidly after 2009, the executive team wanted to expand sources across the world in order for more diversified supplies and competitive prices without compromising quality. They contacted tens of sourcing companies in North America and later chose Source

Robotic Precision Die Casting

Precision Die Casting Parts and Assemblies

Precision Die Casting is the manufacturing process which pours or injects molten metals into molds made from steel, compressed sand, and other materials. This allows each part to be created with accuracy and repeatability. Our ISO 9001 certified facilities focus on die casting parts used in medical, automotive, trucks, small engines, toys, meters, renewable energy, lighting and electrical, home appliance, machinery

KN95 Mask & Smock

Omicron Covid variant poses very high global risk says WHO

Protect yourself from the Omicron Covid variant with KN95 masks. With about one quarter of the American population still unvaccinated and the Omicron Covid variant threatening, all Americans, whether they are vaccinated or not, should wear masks indoors in public spaces and in places where the coronavirus is still spreading. New cases of the COVID delta variant are still rising in many states, especially those with low vaccination rates.

Injection Molding Production Line

Plastic Injection Molded Products

Plastic Injection Molded Products are produced in a variety of shapes (simple to highly complex) and sizes (micro to large), suitable in many different industries (from consumer electronics to large industrial equipment). Source has partnered with dozens of injection molders to produce key components in the most efficient way possible. Integrated facilites include in-house mold

Standing Desk

Asia Manufacturing Stalled in Q3, 2021

Asia Manufacturing Stalled in Q3, 2021 Due to Energy Shortages, COVID Outbreaks, Material Supply Constraints, And Transportation Backlogs. Factory output in Asia slowed in the third quarter as manufacturers battled COVID spikes, worker shortages, material supply constraints, and energy shortages. Raw materials continued their upward trends for the most part and transportation backlogs compounded the global supply chain problems.

Ask The Experts at the ASD Show, August 2021

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Masks Protect Against the COVID Delta Variant

With more than ¼ of the American population still unvaccinated and the COVID delta variant causing surging infections in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reversed their previous guidance this week and is now recommending once more that all Americans, whether they are vaccinated or not, wear

Product Assembly Experts

Product Assembly is one of the most critical aspects of the success of product manufacturing because its often the most labor-intensive, expensive and time-consuming process. The design for a product assembly line is determined by analyzing the steps necessary

Surface Finishing Processes

The unfinished surface of a manufactured product straight from the production line is often called mill finish. Surface Finishing Processes cover a broad range of industrial processes that remove, add or alter material or “complete” or finish the surface of a manufactured product.


US-China Trade continues to grow year by year in spite of political, cultural, and geographic differences. In July of each year, both the US and China celebrate the beginnings of their countries as we know them today. On July 4, Americans celebrate Independence Day (1776) while for the Chinese, July 23rd marks the anniversary of the founding of the modern

Forged Products For Industry

Forged products (forgings) are pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure into high strength parts that are stronger than cast or machined parts. The forging process is one of the oldest metal-forming processes known to man

Supply Chain Best Practices – 2021 Update

Supply Chain Best Practices is a topic of great interest to Source International and every progressive supply management organization. We study the market to gain insights into what the best and the brightest are doing. One such resource is Gartner, a leading research and advisory company founded in 1979