Our quotations are the most detailed and complete in the industry and will give you the supply management data you need to make an informed, strategic decision.

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Source International provides no-cost, no-obligation quotes to qualified customers.  All you need to do is to send us your quantities, specifications, and one or more samples.  We’ll take it from there and will give you a detailed quotation with all the supply management data you need to make an informed strategic sourcing decision.

How Long Will the Quote Take?

We normally turn around a quote within 10 days for products that do not require new tooling and where we are provided with sufficient samples and purchase data.  For more complicated products and those requiring new tooling please allow 15-30 days or more depending on the specific case.

What Do I Need To Send and Where?

Please send your drawings, sample(s) with quantities and specifications post-paid directly to our China or Vietnam office.  Let your Source contact know prior to sending so they can advise proper paperwork procedures.   For digital files and RFQ details, our technicians will provide a secure portal for you to upload them to. Upon approval of quote, approval samples are sent under customer’s courier account.

How Long Will the Quote the Good For?

Due to constantly changing conditions, our quotes are normally good for 60-90 days and are clearly marked on our detailed Quotation Form.  We are always open to negotiations on strategies to hedge longer term cost considerations.

How Can I Track Product Development and Orders?

Once you place your orders, you’ll have a secure cloud portal on our SIS platform to view all the details of your products and orders. 

Does Source Handle Shipping?

Our terms are typically FOB port of origin. For customers that require logistics services to the final destination, we will connect you with one of our certified logistics partners to provide a factory to door solution.

What about Documentation?

The experienced Source team will provide compete order documentation, including product specifications, quality plan, inspection documents, certifications, test reports, and any other documents that you require.



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