OEM Manufacturing Case Study: Sheet Metal Stamping Parts for Machine Tools

Precision Sheet Metal Stamping Parts and Assemblies
Our Customer, a leading machine tool builder in North America, has been producing various CNC lathes, mills, and machining centers for decades. The company started growing rapidly after 2009, the executive team wanted to expand sources across the world in order for more diversified supplies and competitive prices without compromising quality. They contacted tens of sourcing companies in North America and later chose Source International (SI) as the one to go with because of the track record, expertise and professionalism of Source International.

Sheet Metal Stamping Parts


Sheet Metal Stamping Parts was the first product category Source International (SI) worked with the OEM customer. The customer needed hundreds of different parts with size ranging from 0.5” to 120”, and a great variety of finish (powder coating, zinc plating, nickel plating, black oxide, etc.). The precision of the parts was of the essence because the parts would be shipped to the US for final assembly, any dimension deviation could cause complete failure at assembly shop; appearance was also very important, and the finish must be very durable so the OEM can ultimately build high quality machine for the end customer.

SI checked its existing core factory network in Asia and determined 3 sheet metal factories from that to start the projects with this OEM customer. The 3 factories covered a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, which include high-precision punching, laser cut, CNC punching, CNC bending, MIG/TIG and SPOT welding, etc., that ensured SI was capable to handle the variety of the parts and overall volume.

A SI product management team with Product Specialists, Quality Assurance Engineers and Quality Assurance Technicians was set up delicately for this account.

The Product Team led its core factories in refining the manufacturing/quality control processes, by constantly upgrading the manufacturing/inspection equipment, implementing automation when applicable, designing/making proper jig/fixture, and streamlining /standardizing work processes.

The Product Team also led its core factories in implementing Total Quality Management, to make sure everyone involved is fully trained and understands the products, standards and work instructions.

Powder coating is the most commonly specified finish applied to these sheet metal parts. SI and its core factories set up dedicated powder coating lines are built for the customer. It ensured that each step of powder coating (from degreasing, and phosphating of the pre-treatment processes to spraying and curing of the coating processes) was closely monitored and controlled, which was critical for producing high quality powder coating.

Source International successfully quoted, developed, produced and shipped the first two containers of 40 SKUs within 6 months, and it constantly added new SKUs over the years. Currently it has manufactured approximately 1000 different SKUs of sheet metal parts for the customer, and the quality record has been consistent and excellent in the past 10 years (with defective rate <0.5% and field failure <0.001%).

After the first success on the sheet metal parts, the customer quickly expanded the new sourcing programs of other categories (die casting parts, machined parts, injection molding parts, etc.) with SI, and successes have continued.

The OEM customer has achieved large cost reductions (with same/higher product quality) and continued increasing the market share over the years.

Sheet Metal Stamping Parts

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