Basic Purpose:

Works alone or with one or more Quality Assurance Engineer (QAE) to manage the entire product line for assigned clients including the sourcing, quoting, sampling, scheduling, and New Product Development as well as the production of existing products. Ensures the lowest price, best quality, and on-time delivery for the customer in accordance with the company mission.


Specific Responsibilities:

SOURCING, FACTORY EVALUATION AND NEGOTIATION: Evaluates the effectiveness of existing factories and locates and facilitates the evaluation of new factories for existing customers to qualify them prior to quotations.       Negotiates with factories in order to obtain the lowest possible price on new products as well as current production.


  1. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) INITIATION REVIEW & RELEASE TO FACTORY: Review RFQ and samples with QAE and Team Manager upon receiving samples and RFQ/Drawings from Customer or Operations Executive (OE). Assures the information provided is complete to provide an accurate and timely quote. In teamwork with Team Manager, Managing Partner and GM Customer Support, prepares RFQ info for release to mutually agreed factories. Works closely with the QAE, QAT and the Factory to communicate and clarify all necessary information about the RFQ.
  2. FACTORY QUOTE (FQ) REVIEW: Review the FQ in detail, assuring that it is accurate and is in accordance with the RFQ, COS and drawing (when provided) and notes any variances. With assistance of QAE, reviews factory prices and compares to current market data to insure quotes are complete, reasonable and accurate. Submits FQ for Team manager approval.
  3. CUSTOMER QUOTE (CQ) GENERATION: When assigned CQ responsibility by Managing Partner, generates a CQ on the proper form for approval by MP or (OE). Once approved, transmits the CQ to Customers.
  4. COUNTER SAMPLES & PROTOTYPES: Prior to receipt of formal Purchase Order for products, reviews new products to evaluate conformance to drawings, specifications and customer requests. Advises on needed changes. Follows up on sample requests to ensure they are produced & shipped according to plan.
  5. PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLES (PPS): Following receipt of formal Purchase Order for a new product, responsible for development and approval of PPS (Pre-Production Samples). Monitors and maintains schedule of New Product Development. Reviews product testing on New Products including design qualification testing prior to production and production verification testing during production. Works with outside testing labs when needed to conduct testing that is unable to be done in factory test labs or required by the customer to be done outside.
  6. PSS/QAP: Reviews and approves the PSS/QAP and ensures it’s Issuance prior to production in accordance with the QMS and SI-SOP.
  7. FIRST PRODUCTION APPROVAL (FPA): At start-up of new production, aids in the evaluation of first production at Factory for conformance to drawings, specifications and customer requests and gives approval for Factory to begin production.
  8. ORDER ENTRY AND RELEASE TO FACTORY: The PS shall enter in SIS all incoming Factory Purchase Orders and generate PO Summary Sheet to Factory to confirm the pricing and ship dates. The PS shall also determine any special needs for those orders such as the need for tightened QAT inspection due to previous customer complaints or long periods between orders, the need for tooling inspection, random review of production or product, etc. For New Products, the PS shall also make a checklist of items needed to begin production and track their status to facilitate the FPA.
  9. SHIP DATE MAINTENANCE & WEEKLY SHIPPING RECAP: The PS is responsible for updating daily in SIS any changes in the ship-date as they become available through the Factory or QAT. The PS is also responsible to generate a Weekly Shipping Recap from SIS and send to their assigned Customer or (OE) on every product for that Customer.
  10. SHIPPING DOCUMENTS: Reviews and uploads in SIS all the shipping documents including COI (Certificate of Inspection), Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Form A, etc..
  11. PROJECT SCHEDULING: The PS is responsible for developing and maintaining a timeline schedule for any new projects as well as any continuing production that might require it. This includes reviewing incoming customer orders to insure that factory production and material lead times are realistic and in agreement with the factory and the customer quotes. New Product Development schedules should be maintained from the first time a customer PO is received until the product is shipped. The PS is responsible for taking corrective action as needed to keep their projects on schedule and reporting any uncontrolled deviations to the Team Manager immediately.
    1. In coordination with QAE, monitors the QAP inspection program for compliance with the QMS and SI-SOP. Advises and suggests continuing improvements to QA Program. Conducts on-site inspections as necessary.
    2. Works with customers towards the goal of customer satisfaction, and accompanies customers as needed when customers visit the SIX office or factories.
    3. Initiates continuous improvements to all products and all procedures of new product development and quality assurance in an effort to improve product performance while decreasing product and process cost.
    4. Serves as a training sponsor with the goal of preparing the new PS for their duties at Source Int’l, LP by familiarizing them with the QMS and SI-SOP as well as basic job duties and thought processes necessary to the success of the position.
    5. Takes care of the safety of themselves and others.
    6. Works to establish good team relations between PS, QAE and Factories.
    7. Ensures efficient and safe use of company resources and tools.
    8. Engages in responsible behavior and smart working procedures. Complies with the SI Code Of Conduct.
    9. Uses good judgment in regards to travel expense cost and keeps accurate and honest records and receipts. Inquires about and understands travel reimbursement policy and obtains prior approval when required. Submits expense reimbursement request honestly according to SI-SOP only for exact amount as spent.
    10. Monitors the usage, maintenance and calibration of all QA equipment and testing tools.
    11. Help establish and meet and company goals achievement and motivation.
    12. Other duties as assigned from time to time by the Team Manager.



  • College graduate or above;
  • Fluent in spoken and written English;
  • Minimum 3 years purchasing experience with light industrial products;
  • Experienced in project handling;
  • Quality control and Manufacturing experience is highly desirable.
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