Food Processing Equipment Case Study: Supplier Management Made Easy with Source

Food Processing Equipment


A large North American meat processing products retailer contacted Source in the beginning of 2013 looking for a solution to an issue with one of their equipment suppliers in China. The products were experiencing a high defect rate and the client was receiving many complaints. To add to the trouble, the factory was not living up to their end of the agreement with regard to compensating for the faulty product. Source International immediately put together a team of Product Specialists and Quality Assurance Engineers to work with the factory to find a solution to the problem, manage supplier relationships, and look for other factories capable of manufacturing the same product in order to manage risk moving forward.


The team assigned to this project by Source top management wasted no time in providing tremendous value to the client. Not only were they able to quickly determine the root cause of the dehydrator quality issue and remedy it, the Source team began reaching out to dozens of factories around China and found new qualified suppliers capable of making a superior quality product for up to 15% less.

Extensive knowledge of the Asian manufacturing industry coupled with years of experience working with suppliers allowed Source to meet and exceed client expectations with a very short turnaround time.

The effectiveness with which Source International approached and handled the client’s issues helped to prove the value of their long-term supply management contract. The standard operating procedures adhered to by the Source staff and use of our proprietary online project management software, Source Information System (SIS), allowed the client to successfully develop dozens of new products and expand their product line significantly. At the same time, the client has been able to improve their product quality and Source has achieved savings for the client in excess of fees paid.

Source International’s dedicated and knowledgeable professionals can help you achieve the same winning results. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation assessment of how we can help you with your supplier and quality management requirements throughout Asia.

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