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We disrupted the traditional medical supply chain to bring you low cost, certified, in-stock PPE.

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About VexStar

VexStar®Medical Supply provides complete oversight and supply chain management for our line of high-quality, reliable PPE products.  Our PPE supply chain verification program includes:

  • Detailed specifications that meet all international standards including Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA),  and Nelson Labs Standard Test Protocols.
  • Ultra modern global manufacturing facilities with cutting edge capabilities
  • Quality assurance from our own team of quality professionals
  • FDA Registration No. 300297718
  • Immediate shipment availability

You can be sure of reliable PPE quality that meets or exceeds FDA standards.  And, you’ll get your products shipped the same day or the next day from our extensive in-stock inventory.

reliable ppe

Reliable PPE From a Verified Supply Chain

Source International, established in 1988, is an industry leader in supply chain management, with nearly limitless global manufacturing capability.  We are certified and proven to deliver.

VexStar Medical PPE Products

Procedural Mask

Face Masks 3-LAYER and 4-Layer

Our flagship product line. Both Sterile and Non-Sterile Procedural and Surgical Masks.  Ear loop and tie behind styles. Made from meltblown, nonwoven, flame retardant material.  All are FDA 510K certified. Excellent breathability and wearability.

vexstar medical ppe kn95 respirator masks

KN95 Respirator Face Mask

DISPOSABLE FILTERING FACE PIECE RESPIRATORS (FFRS). 5-Layers for Maximum Protection. Excellent breathability and wearability. For personal and industrial use. Best for respiratory protection of dust, sand dust, pollen, viruses, and air pollutant fine particles.

Vexstar Medical Faceshield PPE

Anti-Fog Face Shield

Polyethylene material with white, write-on label to minimize cross contamination. FDA registered (501K exempt) Complies with ANSI and ISEA standards.

Vexstar medical safety googles

Safety GoGgles

Anti-fog polycarbonate lenses prevent splashing of body fluids, blood or other pathogens during examination and treatment. FDA registered (501K exempt). Complies with ANSI and ISEA standards.

vexstar medical gowns

disposable gowns

We offer many disposable gowns to choose from including sterile surgical gowns and nonsurgical isolation gowns intended to protect patients and health care personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material.

vexstar reliable ppe

Bouffant Caps & Shoe Covers

Nonwoven, flame retardant material.  Various sizes and configurations to meet all needs, available by special order.

Chat With An Expert.

We are here to serve you.  Let’s set up a call so we can explain the benefits and features of our line of PPE products and how they offer you superior protection and wearability.  Partner with us for the ultimate in supply chain transparency and certified, safe and reliable PPE products.

Why Choose Us


Experienced Supply Chain Professionals

We are certified supply management professionals with decades of industry experience.


Immediate Availability

Most of our product line is available for immediate shipment from our central Louisville, Kentucky warehouse.


Over 30 Years in Business

Source International was established in 1988 and has a long track record of financial stability and successful international operations.

VexStar Masks Meet the Same Standards as Our Largest Competitors

DID YOU KNOW THAT that the FDA sets the US standards for face mask certification? These include filtration rates from bacteria and microorganisms, inhalation and exhalation rates, fluid absorption and protection from aerosols, splashes, and particulate matter.




Years in Business

global team members

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Frequently Asked Questions

why should i buy from vexstar medical?

We have the very best certified PPE products available, in stock and at the most competitive prices in the industry.  And we care enough to go the extra mile to serve you. Source International has a 30+ year track record of superb on-the-ground service. We have been responsible for over $5 billion in shipments since 1988.

How Does the quality of vexstar ppe compare with other suppliers?

The quality standards for PPE are set by the U.S. FDA. VexStar PPE meets the exact same standards as our largest competitors such as Honeywell and 3M.

where are vexstar ppe products made?

All of our products are made to exacting specifications in our ultra-modern factories in China and Vietnam.  Our on-the-ground quality team oversees all phases of manufacturing and ensures that all product is made to our specifications.

Where do vexstar ppe products ship from?

Our warehouse is located in Louisville, Kentucky, a central location for much of the USA.  It’s the same location that UPS chose for its worldwide logistics operations.

What is the process to set-up a new account?

Simply fill out our new account information form, including your contact name, phone, ship-to location and other basic company information.  We’ll expedite the approval process to get you set up quickly.


what are Vexstar's hours?

We man our phone lines with live reps Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.  We are available 24/7 by email.

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