If you are a product brand or an industrial manufacturer looking to increase capacity, improve quality, improve on-time shipping, and lower costs, our OEM Manufacturing will eliminate the pain points in your supply chain.  We deliver over 20,000 containers of product per year while maintaining an on-time delivery rate of over 98% and a defect rate of less than 0.25% (one quarter of one percent).  Send us your prints, specs, samples, and estimated annual quantities and our team will get right to work on a quote that, frankly, might surprise you.

Now is the perfect time to investigate developing new products and moving your existing parts and assemblies to Source International.  Our team on the ground in Asia will allow you to increase capacity, improve quality, improve on-time shipping, lower costs, and improve your supply chain.  Contact us to set up a no obligation call to speak with our supply experts about OEM manufacturing programs.


OEM Manfacturing

While Source manages many different manufacturing processes and materials, below you can see our core OEM Manufacturing capabilities where we have strong capacity and in-factory quality technicians and testing labs to assure quality and on-time delivery.

Sheet Metal Stamping Steel, Aluminum, Brass
Tube Rolling & Fabrication Steel, Aluminum
Forging Steel, Aluminum
Sand Casting Iron, Steel, Aluminum
Die Casting  Aluminum, Zinc
Aluminum Extrusion Aluminum
CNC Machining Iron, Steel, Aluminum
Gear Hobbing/Shaping Steel, Aluminum
Plastic Injection Molding PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PA, PC
Plastic Extrusion PE, PP, PVC
Rubber Compression Molding NBR, CR, EPDM
Surface Finishing Multiple Materials
Product Assembly Multiple Materials


closeup of CNC machine used in OEM manufacturing
injection diecasting machine used in OEM manufacturing
Progressive Stamping Machine used in OEM Manufacturing


infographic showing Source International annual volumes for OEM manufacturing

A disruption in your supply chain can be devastating to your company and to your career.  The team at Source International delivers on time and on spec every time. We leverage our volumes and share the savings allowing you economies of scale never before possible.

Our highly developed infrastructure is able to deliver large volumes of high value, close tolerance product efficiently. In-country teams of engineers and technician perform complete documentation to assure that all specs and certifications are met before the product ships. And, with wages for highly skilled labor still less than 1/4 of the cost of equivalent labor in North America, you get the lowest cost possible


Our cloud portal Source Information System  stores all contact and product data including RFQ, quotes, specs, MSDS,  orders, audits, cerifications, and more, in one user friendly environment, accessable 24/7 to provide users with the latest up-to-date product and shipping updates

Source Information System for OEM Manufacturing

By developing our own IT systems instead of licensing from others we are able to keep our overhead low and offer you the most competitive pricing. And, we complete the program with a rigourous Supplier and Employee Code of Conduct promoting ethical behavior, human rights, health and safety in the workplace, and environmental awareness. Extensive training provides the necessary skills to meet compliance requirements while systematic audits ensure social responsibility.

Talk With Our Supply Experts


team brainstorming meeting

Our US based account specialists and engineers are your domestic liaison to our in-country project managers and partner factories. Cross-cultural teams take care of product specifications, manage quality and process control, scheduling and delivery to provide you with real time service in your time zone that meet your needs.  This coordinating function between offices is vital because it gives Source International strict control over all aspects of the OEM contract manufacturing process, product testing, inspections, and prototype samples as well as protection of Intellectual Property.  You have a single point of contact for all your product development and manufacturing needs. 

EM Manufacturing cross cultural virtual meeting O


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