Source International Wins 2015 Outstanding Vendor Award

Libbey (LBY) the No. 1 glassware company in the Americas and one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world celebrated Source International with their 2015 Outstanding Vendor Award. Michael Bunge the Libbey Director of Global Sourcing presented the award to the Source-Libbey Team at the Source International annual banquet held at the Weston Hotel in Xiamen, China on January 28, 2016.  The award celebrated an exciting year of achievements for both companies and their long standing supply management partnership.

Outstanding Vendor Award, 2015

Source International has proudly served Libbey since 2008 managing the supply of its extensive line of high-quality tableware and home decor items produced in Asia. As one of the largest global manufacturing management companies in North America, Source International applies supply chain management best practices and American expertise to foreign manufacturing, giving customers all the benefits of substantial cost savings and a diverse supply base, coupled with systems and methodology that assure specifications and standards are matched or exceeded.


In addition to its namesake brand, Libbey’s global brand portfolio also includes: Crisa & Royal Leerdam.  Check out the entire Libbey Line at

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Libbey brands design, produce and market an extensive line of high-quality tableware including glassware, ceramic dinnerware, metal flatware, hollowware, serveware and home decor items in over 100 countries for the foodservice, retail and B2B markets.

What are we celebrating today? Everything that matters to you. Every occasion is an opportunity to celebrate life and own the moment. Libbey wants to be part of the celebration, so they’re creating some of the most significant and on-trend tableware innovations to make favorite moments matter.

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Today We Celebrate The Libbey 2015 Outstanding Vendor Award!

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