US-China Trade continues to grow year by year in spite of political, cultural, and geographic differences. In July of each year, both the US and China celebrate the beginnings of their countries as we know them today. On July 4, Americans celebrate Independence Day (1776) while for the Chinese, July 23rd marks the anniversary of the founding of the modern

Forged Products For Industry

Forged products (forgings) are pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure into high strength parts that are stronger than cast or machined parts. The forging process is one of the oldest metal-forming processes known to man

Plastic Injection Molded Products

Plastic Injection Molded Products can be produced in a variety of shapes (simple to highly complex) and sizes (micro to large), suitable in many different industries (from consumer electronics to large industrial equipment). Source has been providing plastic

Supply Chain Best Practices – 2021 Update

Supply Chain Best Practices is a topic of great interest to Source International and every progressive supply management organization. We study the market to gain insights into what the best and the brightest are doing. One such resource is Gartner, a leading research and advisory company founded in 1979

Rubber Compression Molding

Rubber Compression Molding is the most commonly used process to produce flexible, durable rubber product. Source has been producing rubber products for industries of automotive, machinery, commercial equipment, construction and consumer products.

Manufacturing Cost Drivers Report For Q1 2021

The commodity price trends in the first quarter were increased in Asia. Most of grades were increased in Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Alum, Metals, Paper, and Freight. Only Fuel was down in price in this quarter, US Dollar was only up 0.79% of the CNY than last quarter. Textiles and Ceramic were mostly flat in price. The trend for World Container Index was increased

Manufacturing Cost Drivers Report For Q4 2020

The commodity price trends in the fourth quarter were increased in Asia. Most of grades were increased in Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Alum, Metals, Paper, Fuel and Freight. Only Currency was down in price in this quarter, US Dollar was down 3.27% of the CNY then last quarter. Textiles, Ceramic and Labor were mostly flat in price. The trend for World Container

Manufacturing Cost Drivers Report For Q3 2020

The commodity price trends in the third quarter were increased in Asia. Most of grades were increased in Rubber, Steel, Alum, Other metal, Paper, Ceramics, Fuel, Freight. Only Plastics was down in price in this quarter. Wood, Textiles were mostly flat in price, and Labor rates were steady in the lower wage countries. The Currency was down in this quarter too,

Aluminum Extrusion Products

Aluminum Extrusion Products are produced by a process by which heated aluminum alloy material is forced through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile. Aluminum extrusion parts are widely used construction, machineries, home appliance, etc.

Manufacturing Cost Report For Second Quarter 2020

The commodity price trends in the second quarter are mixed in Asia. Some grades of Plastics and Rubber were down in price while some grades were up or maintained the price. Steel, Alum, Metals and Freight were mostly up in prices. Paper and Fuel were mostly down in price. Wood, Textiles and Ceramics were mostly flat in price, and labor rates were steady in

Tube Rolling and Fabrication

Tube Rolling and Fabrication was the very first manufacturing capability that Source International engaged in with our partner factory in Jinjiang, Fujian. Since 1995, our ISO certified factories have specialized in industrial and commercial pipe and tube rolling, bending (mandrel, press, draw & crush bending, end forming)

Precision Die Casting Parts and Assemblies

Our ISO 9001 certified facilities focus on die casting parts used in medical, automotive, trucks, small engines, toys, meters, renewable energy, lighting and electrical, home appliance, machinery, furniture, industrial enclosures,

Gear Hobbing and Shaping For Precision

Gear blanks can be manufactured by most processes (casting, forging, extrusion, powder metallurgy, blanking) but as a rule, machining in the form of hobbing and milling are applied to achieve the final dimensions, shape and surface finish in the gear. Gear Hobbing is a machining process for gear cutting, cutting splines, and cutting sprockets on

Sheet Metal Stamping For Industry

Sheet metal stamping forms metal sheets and coils (also some plastics) into specific shapes. We utilize advanced press control systems to efficiently produce a wide variety of parts for low to high-volume projects in a large range of sizes and tolerances. Finishing operations to smooth and coat the surfaces complete the program.


Lets face it, finding a reliable supplier of PPE is no easy task for large health care organizations and is especially difficult for smaller clinics, doctors, and other medical offices. Shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the USA have reached crisis proportions and everyone is scrambling to buy direct from China’s mature market where up to 85%

Manufacturing Cost Report For First Quarter 2020

Manufacturing cost drivers for the entire quarter are summarized in the chart above. Leading to the decline in manufacturing costs for the first quarter of 2020 were much lower raw material prices. Most grades of Plastics, Rubber, Steel, Alum, Metals, Textiles, Ceramics and Fuel were down in price, while Wood price was flat, and only a few select grades of Paper prices went lower.

CNC Machining To Meet Extra Tight Tolerances

With many years of experience using precision lathes, mills, drills, and saws, Source International has perfected CNC machining techniques to produce high-quality parts that meet the tightest specifications.  Our ISO 9001 certified facilities